Post: Typcut Sessions: 20 Minute Album Cover

Typcut Sessions: 20 Minute Album Cover

August 19th, 2010 at 9:34 am


Tuesday I decided to start some random trouble on Twitter. I asked my followers if anyone was interested in submitting work to Typcut. So to garner some buzz i decided to create a little contest out of my recent 20 Minute Album Cover post. I was curious to see what people would create, and was pleased to see some great submissions!

I said the end of today Wednesday would be the cut-off, but this had been pretty fun so far, and i’d love to see more work!

So i’m going to extend this out to a week. Tweet your submissions with a link to your portfolio by Wednesday 8-25, at 11:59pm EST

Winner will get an invite to the design collective i curate: Typcut

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