Post: Typcut Session Vol.1 Winner

Typcut Session Vol.1 Winner

September 2nd, 2010 at 1:18 am


The 20 Minute Album Cover Contest winner is Menachem Krinsky / @mkrinsky. A talented art director for Visionary + Flock Los Angeles, and a member of The KDU.

He made clever used of such random elements. Nothing is clashing in his piece and its pleasant palette. I can see he was mindful of a typeface that would jive with the interesting abstraction he created from the Flickr photo.

Thanks to everyone who participated, this was mad fun and i look forward to starting some ruckus on twitter again. If anyone has suggestions of a contest they’d like to see, hit up @typcut or @thenorik on twitter.

I look forward to see what Menachem has in store for us at Typcut.

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