Post: Norik 2009

Norik 2009

July 10th, 2009 at 12:38 pm


Well as you may have noticed, things look a little different around here. After enough feet dragging i’ve finally gave my portfolio and blog a refresh. Between working a full time job, Setting up Typcut, working on BBS Gear, and doing freelance here and there, it’s hard to find a little time to soak in some summertime sun. Ii’m finally done, what a weight off my shoulders.

As many other artists may say, designing your own portfolio is one of the most arduous things to create. How do you want to define your craft? What work do you want to show, how do you want to present it? I do have to say i over-thought the user experience way to much this time around.

I’ll tell you what saved me though, Indexhibit. Thinking back to all the portfolios that i’ve enjoyed navigating the most, almost all of them have followed the indexing format. I like just going down a list looking at work; no flash, fast loading. Indexhibit is also ultra easy to install, figure out, and customize. Anyone with solid html/css knowledge doesn’t even need to know any PHP to get it running. I’d say it’s just as easy as WordPress, and even more simplified.

So after losing what little farmers tan i’ve had, i’m thrilled to start a new chapter with my site. As you can see, i’ve linked up my Twitter, and Flickr to the blog’s sidebar in hopes to maintain some freshness between the blog’s dry spells. I’ve also still got  another 1/3 of my work to post on my portfolio, but i need a break from 2 days straight of cropping and resizing images, so i’ll give a heads up when they make their appearance.

I’ve also got some additions rolling around in my head. I’m trying to figure out how i want to showcase my music. I’m not sure if i just want to plug it into my site somehow or just ride it out with the piece of trash that is myspace. I’m also looking into getting some stickers made, and i’d like to get a nice little section with desktop wallpapers.

Have fun with the new site, i’m going outside to frolic.


Unfortunatly i just upgraded wordpress to 2.8.1 and my new lovely Flicker Widget in my sidebar stopped working. I contacted Donnacha, the creator, in hopes he can help. Let me know if you’ve got a fix.

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  1. Indexhibit seems to have done you real well, the new portfolio looks real nice. So nice in fact, that I’m considering applying it to my own website, where a from-scratch PHP attempt sort of fell through. Great stuff, thanks for sharing!

  2. Nice work over here, CHUCK!

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