Post: Blue Note Obscurities

Blue Note Obscurities

July 21st, 2009 at 11:28 am

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I just recently dug up some more obscure gems (at least obscure to me, i’m no jazz expert) from the jazz monster that is Blue Note, i’ve posted some of my favorite covers from this batch. I’d have to say the color selection is definitly what does it for me with these covers. That orange is just kickin’. The patterns used on the Charlie Rouse cover compliment the latin twist on this album well, and stand out among a lot of the other Blue Note covers. I also love the clash of pink, red, and orange, normally a color theory no no, but it works here, running parallel with the energetic syncopated bossa rhythms.

I just rinsed Charlie Rouse’s Bossa Nova Bacchanal, such a great way to start swinging in the morning. Here is the first track on the album:

Charlie Rouse: Bossa Nova BacchanalBack To The Tropics


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