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The Golden Filter

July 12th, 2009 at 3:16 pm




The Golden Filter – “Solid Gold” from golden filter on Vimeo.

Last night was a blast. I was at Tribeca Grand in Manhattan to see The Golden Filter. A NYC based new wave / disco band. They had a live drummer, a guy on keys and floor toms, and a vocalist (pictured above). She was amazing, i think i have a little crush. Unfortunately the sound engineer seemed to have trouble bring up her vocals.

The Tribeca Grand is a crazy place. It’s a very fancy, well design hotel, with a large lobby / bar area, apparently a lot of similar shows happen there. Sad the crowd was slightly snooty and stiff, i was up front cuttin’ up rug, and every time i glanced back i was reminded that i was one of the only people dancing. Since when was disco about standing around looking cool in your cocktail dress not moving your bod?

I first heard The Golden Filter when i bought their remix of Cut Copy‘s Far Away, but for some reason had not reached out to their other stuff, i can’t believe i had been sleeping on these guys. Check out the video for Solid Gold above, the visuals are¬†quite delectable.

Cut Copy – Far Away (Golden Filter Remix)


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