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Logan's Run

April 24th, 2009 at 4:11 pm




I just watched Logan’s Run the other day. I have no idea why i hadn’t seen this film, but i was drawn in the second the title sequence started, set with one of my favorite typefaces, Avant Garde, and shot against a futuristic city.

This film takes place in the post apocalyptic 23rd century, where the last few humans live in a oppressive / faux utopian society. Every pleasurable desire is fulfilled, but there is a catch, you must be “reborn” at age 30, keeping their world youthful.

Visually stimulating , priceless dialogue, and a good existential message on freewill and happiness. The thing i love about vintage sci-fi, is the (what we consider now) lo-fi means of depicting futurism, it ads special human character, and it’s very amusing to see how creative the special effects teams would get with out CG to fall back on. It creates a visual style, unlike the ultra realistic effects we are used to today.

Whenever i see movies like Blade Runner, 2001, and Logan’s Run, my futurist, vintage loving self begs that the future will be decorated the same.

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  1. Great film. I love the vintage stuff too. Seems like you might be interested in my sci-fi blog. I just finished my first draft entry on Logan’s Run. Check out my “website” link.

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