Post: Jen Lu & Krink

Jen Lu & Krink

October 7th, 2009 at 12:37 am

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Alright two great things to showcase today. Jen Lu a very prolific designer, doing great work out of NYC. The other is Krink, a street inspired art supply company, started by KR, making high quality markers that rock really sharp branding and packaging. I’ve recently been experimenting using Krink on some of my paintings, it’s a really fun and expressive medium to work with.

I actually found Jen Lu through the Krink site, the design was well done so i had to see who was responsible. Jen has a well refined style, her cartoony mutant genitalia characters are pretty amusing, I love the sense of humor and willingness to cross the line in her work. I’ve invited her to contribute to Typcut, so keep an eye on the screen and a tentacle on the keyboard.

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