Post: Echodub: Anechoic Chamber

Echodub: Anechoic Chamber

December 6th, 2008 at 8:45 pm

I just discovered this free album of wicked chilled out dubstep / techno. Considering how much of this type of music is delay and reverb, the album is ironically named Anechoic Chamber, which i remember learning about in my audio schooling.

This chamber is a room used in audio engineering (and other sciences involving other inaudible frequencies) that has absolutely no reverberation, no surfaces for sound to reflect. Since the room has no audible context apparently these rooms are so audibly unnatural for humans, that people can go nuts if they are exposed to Anechoic Chamber‘s conditions for too long. Sounds that we take for granted and sounds that are masked with the ambience of our environments, such as our breathing, heartbeat, and even the blood coursing through our veins become the only sounds heard in this padded room. I’d love to check one out one day, i think they are quite visually stunning as well.

Here is a sampling of Echo Dub’s Anechoic Chamber:

Beneath Me by Sines


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  1. Very cool man! I had never heard of an anechoic chamber before. I can’t imagine hearing the blood moving through my veins. I was expecting the music to be made entirely of breathing, heart beat and circulating blood sounds.

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