Post: Nauseating Ad feat. O.G. Hipsters

Nauseating Ad feat. O.G. Hipsters

October 5th, 2009 at 1:51 pm


Picture 1

“Liza introduced us to white rum and soda at an Andy Warhol party. We first met Liza Minelli at a party Andy Warhol gave for his magazine, ‘Interview.’ What amazed us about her was that the personality she projects on stage is not an act at all. It’s simply Liza. She radiates such warmth and enthusiasm that after an hour of conversation we both felt as if we’d known her all our lives. During the evening I asked Liza if I could get her a drink and she ordered something I’d never tasted before: white rum and soda. It sounded interesting (Liza has a way of making everything sound interesting) so I tried one. Then my wife tried one…A Warhol party, the start of a friendship with Liza Minnelli and an introduction to white rum. Not bad for one evening.” An artsy couple luxuriate in their studio; she wears a long open-knit shawl, avant garde and exotic; he wears a white shirt, white work pants and work shoes – very informal – an artist. The decor is deliberately skyscraper attic with a window crank and cactus.

Why can’t we have ads with this much sickening copy anymore? Oh that’s right, these were replaced with web 2.0.

Found via: White Squirrel & U of C History project

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